Italy is a good place to spend a holiday. Green, food, sea and a warm welcome from Amalfi citizens. If you want to visit Amalfi, the smarter solution is landing at Capodichino airport. In this case, you’ll need a transfer from Naples airport to Amalfi coast.

You’ll see! The Amalfi Experience is a wonderful adventure to do at least once in lifetime. This heap of villages looking down the rocks hides magic. Discover every single village to appreciate the real beauty of what we call “the Divine Coast”.

Transfer Naples airport to Amalfi Coast
Transfer Naples airport to Amalfi Coast

Naples to Amalfi coast

The only problem you might have, when you plan your holiday on the Amalfi Coast, is the distance. In fact, it is 65 km, and the only way that brings to the Amalfi Coast is very narrow curvy road. If you need a transfer to get to the Amalfi Coast you found it!

Call Amalfi Exclusive Transfers to book your car with driver, we’ll come and collect you at your terminal and then take you wherever you need to go. Our drivers have years of experience and can speak English, they are kind and will take your heavy luggage, the only thing you have to do is enjoy the trip along the Divine Coast.

Amalfi Coast excursion

In case you were wondering, yes we can also manage excursions around the Amalfi Coast. These are the excursions you are sure to enjoy:

One of the strengths of the Amalfi Coast is the position. It’s true, there’s not yet a better road to drive, but the coast is situated among many wonders. In fact, not so far from there, there are Pompeii and Herculaneum’s ruins, the testimony of what life was like in the 79 after Christ.

Don’t even miss the enchanting villages of Positano, Ravello and other attractions, including Capri and Ischia Isles and what they have to offer.